By the very nature of ongoing market realities, financial risk management is performed in a highly volatile yet control demanding environment. In most businesses, the Financial Director is hard pressed to provide the dedicated attention this portfolio requires; and it’s only the large multi-nationals that have enough work (sufficient cashflow) to justify the huge expense of dedicated and specialised treasury resources.

Ilizwe Financial Services is positioned to dispel this market reality by bringing the day-to-day functions performed by large corporate treasuries within the reach (financial and technical capabilities) of most businesses.

What is Ilizwe Financial Services?

Ilizwe Financial Services is a treasury outsourcing business that offers its client’s professional treasury services based on specialised financial risk management practices.

The benefit of this service is not only instant access to highly skilled staff, technology and infrastructure, but our clients also benefit from our excellent relationships with a number of local and international financial institutions– relationships that we use to negotiate better pricing for all our clients through our collective bargaining power base. This service ranges from front through to back-office functions and covers all corporate governance issues.

We endeavour to provide our services at no extra budgeted cost but through the value adding process that we should achieve. Our ability to do this is derived through our thorough and extensive market knowledge, relationships, economic research, state of the art systems and our additional treasury related competencies – skills that are essential to run a competitive treasury.

Our Objectives

Our aim at Ilizwe Financial Services is to: “evaluate, quantify and manage financial risks into definable cashflows with a high degree of certainty.”

Through our range of services, we partner our clients’ endeavours in providing good corporate governance – a legislative demand that shareholders, stakeholders or clients are not exposed to volatile financial variables; that can be controlled. Yet at the same time, Ilizwe Financial Services also has the ability to maximise the full potential of the exposures at hand. We also stress that we believe that treasury should not have its objective as a profit centre (as opposed to the core business) but rather a control environment to manage all cashflows whereby profits from this department are an added bonus.

Who is Ilizwe Financial Services?

Owned and managed by Andrew Dicks, Ilizwe Financial Services offers our clients the opportunity to share in Andrew’s vast wealth of experience acquired over the years in select financial environments. These environments have included the stock exchange on the bond floor, bank treasuries specialising in the derivative markets and experience as the ‘chief dealer’ (foreign exchange and funding) of BHP Billiton SA Ltd. These comprehensive credentials have endowed Ilizwe Financial Services with extensive market skills in banking relationships, interest rate and foreign exchange risk management and reporting protocol.


Our business is about building mutually rewarding, enduring partnerships. We therefore concentrate on developing strong relationships with our clients through regular one-on-one communication. Whether this is in the form of a business meeting, ad hoc daily e-mails to all clients on the state of the markets and the possible move on the day, or our weekly economic insight e-letter, you can guarantee that we are only a phone call away – at any time.

“Ilizwe” means “this land” and in choosing it as a corporate brand, we hope to draw on the attributes and values that we all cherish in risk management, including: survival, security, dependability, growth and then, prosperity.

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